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Realizing Genjokoan

Dogen, the thirteenth-century Zen master who founded the Japanese Soto school of Zen. His works are both richly poetic and deeply insightful and philosophical, pointing to the endless depths of Zen exploration. Realizing Genjokoan is a comprehensive introduction to the teachings and approach of this great thinker, taking us on a thorough guided tour of one of his most important essays-Genjokoan-in Dogen’s seminal work.

John Lowney- The Six Paramitas

Realizing Genjokoan 2018-15

Realizing Genjokoan 2018-14

Realizing Genjokoan 2018-13

Realizing Genjokoan 2018-12

John Lowney- The Eightfold Path

Realizing Genjokoan 2018-11

Sat. 2018-07-14 Full Day Sit

John Lowney- Balance 07-10-18

Realizing Genjokoan 2018-10

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