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An Offering of Soto Zen Meditation & Study Centered in San Jose, California

Schedule for Zen Meditation on Saturdays: Full Days & Half-Days:

Saturday Full Day (Unscheduled at this time)
9:00-11:45: Four periods of zazen each followed by 10 minutes of kinhin
11:45-12:00: Service
12:00-1:00:  Lunch (bring your own)
1:00-1:45:   Dharma Talk
1:45-4:00: Three periods of kinhin and zazen

  AltarwFlowersSaturday Half Day (Usually the 4th Saturday)
9:00-11:40: Four periods of zazen followed by 10 minutes of kinhin.
11:40-12:00: Service & Short dharma talk
12:00 end