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An Offering of Soto Zen Meditation & Study Centered in San Jose, California

When Kobun arrived in California in 1967, in his early years he established a number of practice places. The first was called Bodhi, and included both Jikoji in the Santa Cruz mountains, and Kannon-do in Mountain View. Later, in New Mexico, Hokoji was created in the mountains outside of Taos. In Boulder, through Kobun and his brother Keibun, Hakubai Zendo was established.

After Kobun’s passing, the name Phoenix Cloud, based on his name, Houn Kobun, was chosen for the small group of his transmitted students who are devoted to Zen practice as Kobun taught it. One of these, Bob Watkins, in Taos, has passed away. The others are Vanja Palmers in Switzerland, who has accepted the role of guiding teacher. Michael Newhall is teaching at Jikoji, Jean Layshon in Southern New Mexico, Carolyn Atkinson in Santa Cruz California, Angie Boissevain, retired from Floating Zendo in San Jose, California, and Ian Forsberg is teaching at Hokoji in New Mexico.

Current teachers for Floating Zendo in San Jose include John Lowney, Carolyn Dille, and Paula Jones.

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