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Dharma Talks

Angie remembers Blanche Hartman

We invite you to enjoy the audio (mp3) talks by Angie Boissevain, our teacher, but please read this message from Angie first:

I want to assure you and anyone who listens to these recordings that your job is to test whatever is said against your own experience and your own feelings. I try very hard to stay true to what I’ve studied and what I’ve felt, but I’m fallible, and I want to be sure that everyone understands that it’s up to each one of you to test what you hear, question it, doubt it if you must, and find out for yourself, and match your understanding with others’ understandings. The Dharma is vast. Shakyamuni Buddha said, ” I gave you a handful of leaves. There is a whole forest full of leaves, and I only gave you a few. ” It’s a beautiful metaphor for how huge and vast the truth of things is.

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