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An Offering of Soto Zen Meditation & Study Centered in San Jose, California

Dana is Sanskrit for “offering.” In Zen practice it is the first Bodhisattva practice, a practice of heartfelt gratitude in response to what comes to us. Angie devotes her life to sharing the Dharma with us, and on our side we express our appreciation for her teaching through donations at retreats and weekly meetings and 10% of FZ gross income.   Without membership requirements, it is up to each one of us to respond as we can, including those of us who benefit from interviews with Angie on Skype. Paypal is available to you on the website, or checks can be made out to Angie Boissevain and sent to Floating Zendo, P.O. Box 5015, San Jose, CA 95150.

Our rental of the San Jose Friends Meeting House, this website and sesshin scholarships are also covered by the generosity of the Sangha and friends of the Sangha. You may offer your donations by cash or check in the baskets for expense and teacher dana, by mail or by PayPal. Donations are tax deductible; our tax ID is 45-3517818.

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