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An Offering of Soto Zen Meditation & Study Centered in San Jose, California

Contact:  secretary@floatingzendo.org
Location for Tuesday Night 6:30pm – 8:00pm & Saturday Sitting
San Jose Friends Meeting House
1041 Morse St, San Jose, CA 95126

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If you are interested in receiving notices about upcoming events for the Floating Zendo, please email secretary@floatingzendo.org to get on our mailing list. If you wish to participate in discussion amongst the sangha, you are welcome to join the Yahoo Group – FloatingZendoZazen. If you don’t wish to create a Yahoo login to join, secretary@floatingzendo.org can issue you an invitation. Note that email addresses in the yahoogroup are not visible to members unless you reply or post a message.

Contact For Floating Zendo San Diego
Paula Jones,  fz_sandiego@floatingzendo.org.

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Floating Zendo
PO Box #5015, San Jose, CA 95150