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Floating Zendo is a place for Soto Zen practice in San Jose, CA and other locations

Soto Zen Tradition

The Zen Buddhism that is practiced here at the Floating Zendo is in the Soto Zen tradition. Our lineage belongs to the stream of Buddhism that flowed into 13th century Japan through the practice and writings of Dogen. A medieval Japanese Buddhist monk, Dogen traveled to China in search of the true Dharma. After a two year search, his quest was realized in the form of a Ch’an abbott, Ju-ching, who emphasized zazen as a vehicle of wisdom, and who sent Dogen back to Japan to establish the teaching there. In the 1950’s a Japanese Soto Zen monk named Shunryu Suzuki Roshi came to San Francisco to serve the Japanese community. He soon began also teaching meditation to many interested Americans, and in the course of 12 years he had, with the help of his students, established the San Francisco Zen Center, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center (Carmel Valley), Green Gulch (Sausalito) and Haiku Zendo Meditation Center (now Kannon Do in Mountain View). At his invitation another Japanese monk came to help him with his work in the Bay area. The Floating Zendo traces its lineage back to this monk, Kobun Chino.