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Floating Zendo is a place for Soto Zen practice in San Jose, CA and other locations

April 22 Meeting Moved to Private Home

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Next week, April 22, Floating Zendo will meet at a sangha member’s home as the Friends’ Meeting House will be closed for necessary maintenance. Floating Zendo will be back in the meeting house the following week, April 29.

Friday Zazen Canceled

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Please note that the Friday noon sits have been canceled. Floating Zendo still meets every Tuesday at 6:30pm for meditation and a dharma talk. Our 2014 calendar of special events is posted here.

Beth Goldring – Tuesday, October 1st

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Join us in welcoming Beth Goldring on her annual visit to the Bay Area Tuesday, October 1st. Beth is the director of Brahmavihara AIDS project, a small Buddhist chaplaincy program in Cambodia. She will speak to us after our regular 6:30 zazen and service at the San Jose Friends’ Meeting House, 1041 Morse Street.

For more information on Brahmavihara and Beth, visit http://www.brahmavihara.cambodiaaidsproject.org.

Update: Beth’s talk can now be found on our Audio page. If you would like to support Brahmavihara’s work, this page explains how to make a tax-deductible donation.

Zazen on Fridays

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Floating Zendo has added a zazen period on Fridays at noon. We meet at the San Jose Friends’ House, 1041 Morse Street. The period opens with ten minutes of kinhin, which is followed by forty minutes of seated meditation. No service is performed on Fridays.

Everyone is welcome to join us.

Angie is back!

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Angie Boissevain has resumed teaching on Tuesday nights. Angie plans to continue with the study of the Lankavatara Sutra. The most recent talk can be found on our Audio page. Please note, though, that Angie will be absent May 28 due to a prior engagement.

Floating Zendo meets every Tuesday night at the Friends’ Meetinghouse, 1041 Morse Street, San Jose. Meditation begins at 6:30 p.m. and is followed by a dharma talk. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Change in Schedule

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As you may have heard, Angie injured a vertebrae while at her home about 3 weeks ago. She is recuperating at her home now and is in good spirits. We will keep you posted on Angie’s recovery. The San Jose Sangha will continue to sit on Tuesday nights with the support of the Bay Area priests in her lineage and other Sangha members.

Tues. 6:30 pm March 12: open
Tues. 6:30 pm March 19: Carolyn Dille, guest teacher

Tues. 6:30 pm April 2: Carolyn Dille, guest teacher
Tues. 6:30 pm April 9: Peter Szydlowski, guest teacher
Sat. 9:00 am April 13: ½ day Sit with Ellen Richter
Tues. 6:30 pm April 16: donnalynn chase, guest teacher
Tues. 6:30 pm April 23: donnalynn chase, guest teacher

Please save Saturday May 4 for the one day sit at Connie Batten’s ranch. Angie is planning on joining us!

Heart Sutra Study 2009

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Beginning in early October 2009, Floating Zendo has begun to study the Heart Sutra. We have studied the Sutra before, and we come back to this essential periodically. “The” Sutra is chanted at each of Floating Zendo’s zazen sessions as a core element of the service. The Sutra’s emphasis on emptiness and prajna paramita are core to our Soto and Mahayana practice.

We encourage you to join the study by attending Tuesday evenings in San Jose, CA, or by listening to the audio recordings of Angie’s talks.

Angie on Wikipedia

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Wikipedia now has an entry for our teacher Angie!

Take a look… you may learn something that you didn’t know about our teacher!

(P.S. There is also a permanent link to the Wikipedia entry on the Blog Roll.)

Poem by Wang Wei

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On Tuesday, May 15, 2007, guest speaker Michael Newhall from Jikoji cited a poem from memory that many sangha members enjoyed. The following is the poem in full:


Middle-aged now, following the Way.
Settled at evening near the Chungnan slopes.
Delight, and I wander off by myself
Searching for what I need to see alone.
I climb up to the roots of the streams,
Sit and watch the White Clouds pass,
Meet the old man of the woods,
Talk and laugh, forget to go home.
… Wang Wei (699-759 AD)

Topics for This Blog

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Hello FZ Sangha!

This blog (web log) is available to all FZ sangha members, to share ideas, have discussions, and generally create a parallel online community to our zazen practice. I hope that FZ members from across the U.S. and Europe, where Angie has sangha ties, will join in this blog.
The question at this point is: What topics would be of interest (and appropriate) for this forum. Some initial ideas inlcude:

  • Practice questions, addressed to Angie and hopefully answered by her, for the benefit of other sangha members as well as the original questioner.
  • Practice questions, addressed to the sangha as a whole. Many people have experience and opinions of benefit to others, and are most welcome.
  • Recommended reading or web sites (I have created categories for these items, as I suspect there may be many good suggestions).

A reminder: Please don’t post time-sensitive annoucements (such as business meeting dates, events occuring at other zendos) on this blog. Instead, use the Floating Zendo Zazen Yahoo Group for rapid email distribution.

An email (sent separately) includes instructions on logging in and how to make postings such as this.

I look forward to some good topics (that can be turned into “categories” so postings will be easy to locate), and then some good conversation!

… Dan

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