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Floating Zendo is a place for Soto Zen practice in San Jose, CA and other locations

Angie, Our Teacher

Angie Boissevain, Floating Zendo Teacher Angie Boissevain, Floating Zendo Teacher

Angie knew Kobun was to be her teacher when she first met him. She subsequently studied with him while she was raising three sons, being a wife and writing poetry. He called her the enlightened housewife. During the thirty-plus years of her practice she served as a teacher and director at Jikoji. She is the inspiration for the Floating Zendo, which is comprised of her students dispersed throughout the world. In addition to sitting in the Bay area, Angie regularly leads sesshins at Jikoji, Arcata, Willits, Hokoji (near Taos NM) and even Austria. With her agile mind and total presence, she has guided many students to deepen their practice of zazen and understanding of the dharma.