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Annual Sesshin August 19-26, 2011

Filed under: Sesshin — audio at 4:38 pm on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We return to Jikoji Zen Center on Skyline Blvd., Los Gatos for our 9th Annual Sesshin. This rural retreat center was established in 1983 by Kobun Chino Otogawa and a group of his students. Our teacher, Angie Boissevain, Zuiko Enji, is one of these founding students. Situated in a wooded area, surrounded by Open Space Preserve, Jikoji offers a quiet, rustic environment for meditation practice. Current residents and Sangha members of the Center nourish the Zen heritage, and Kobun’s legacy animates the site. Improvements in recent years add to the comfort, accessibility, and beauty of the Center.

Angie will sit with us all week and offer a Dharma talk after tea each afternoon. Dokusan will be offered in the morning, Monday through Thursday. Breakfast and Lunch will be Oryoki form. Sets of bowls are available for your use. A daily schedule for the Sesshin will be e-mailed mid August.

Our Sesshin is open to all (Read on …)