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Possible Topics for Upcoming Tues. Dharma Talks (200609)

Filed under: Reading — dan at 11:21 pm on Wednesday, September 6, 2006

As you know, we are coming to the end of our dharma talks/study of the Dhammapada on Tuesday evenings in San Jose.

Below are a few ideas for possible subjects for the next dharma talks. The focus is classic Zen poems. Many of our sangha members are writers, poets, etc. and I think it would be interesting to study such materials. Many of these poems are available online, so that would make it easier to obtain for everyone’s reference. Besides, you may enjoy reading them anyways!
Please feel free to post “comments” with your opintions about which poem you’d like to study, or add your own ideas (not necessarily poetry). We’ll also discuss what to study next on Tuesday evening as we come to a close on the Dhammapada.

… Dan
Hakuin (J),
_Zazen Wasan (J),
Song of Zazen_
(Normal Waddell translation)

Seng-ts’an (Ch),
Sosan (J),
_Hsin Hsin Ming (Ch),
Shinjinmei (J),
Verses on the Faith-Mind_
(translation by Richard B. Clarke and includes original Chinese)
(translated by Richard B. Clarke as
it appears in Dennis Genpo Merzel _The Eye Never Sleeps_)
(Blyth _Zen and Zen Classics_ Volume One)

Tozan Ryokai (J),
Tung-shan Liang-chieh (Ch),
_Bao Jing Sanmei orĀ  Pao-Ching Sen-Mei-Ko (Ch)
Hokyo Zammai (J)
Song of Precious Mirror Samadhi_
Blyth _Zen and Zen Classics_ Volume One
(includes Chinese)

Shih-t’ou Hsi-ch’ien (Ch),
Seikito-Kisen (J),
_Tsan-t’ung-chi’i (Ch),
Sandokai (J),
The Unity of Relative and Absolute_
http://www.bamboointhewind.org/chant_sandokai.html (Soto Shumucho 1997)
Suzuki _Branching Steams Flow in the Darkness: Lectures on the Sandokai_

Yung-chieh Hsuan-chueh (Ch)
Yoka Daishi (J),
_Cheng-Tao-Ke (Ch),
Shodoka (J),
Song of Enlightenment_
(Robert Aitkentranslation)

Shen Hui (Ch),
_Hsie Tsung Chi (Ch),
Illuminating the Essential Doctrine_

Kaku-an Shi-en (Ch),
Kuo-an Shih-yuan (Ch),
_10 Ox Herding Pictures_
Kapleau _Three Pillars of Zen_,
(D.T. Suzuki from _Manual of Zen Buddhism_)
http://iriz.hanazono.ac.jp/frame/data_f00c.en.html (Urs App 1996)